Alphacon Cast Steel Gate Valve are designed to conform to BS 1873 and ASME B16.34

Wall Thickness      : API 600
Face To Face         : ASME 16.10, BS 2080, and ISO 5752
Flange End            : ASME B16.5 for 2" – 24"
                                ASME B16.47 series A or B for 26" and larger
BW End                 : ASME B16.25
Inspection & Test  : API 598, BS EN 12266


All castings for valve productions are manufactured in our own foundry facility. Raw materials purchased are carefully inspected before proceed to production to ensure conforms to the standard & required specifications that meet ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, etc.


Bodies are designed to provide a minimum pressure drop and have a sufficient wall thickness to withstand the torsion forces and stresses normally encountered in piping systems and to compensate for erosion and corrosion effects.


Bonnets are designed in various types to meet the valve body & operational requirements and connections are either flat face, groove for gasket, ring joint faces. Pressure Seal Bonnet available for Class 900 / 1500 / 2500.


The disc for the Globe valve is Plug Disc.


Integral seats or Forged steel seat is machined and surface is overlay with hard alloy specified by the customer. Seat is either threaded or welded onto valve body.


All our gate valve have the back seating design and is renewable. For stainless steel gate valve, the back seat is integral.


Stems are made in one piece forging with T-head and precision ACME Threads.


The stem nut arrangement and design allows for the removal of handwheel at the open position and will not drop into close position. Thrust Bearings are provided in the stem nut arrangement for large size valves.


Class 150          : Jacketed Graphite with Stainless Steel
Class 300 / 600 : Spiral Wound Graphite with Stainless Steel
Class 900          : Ring Joint Metal
Other gasket materials are also available and are selected generally according to application pressure & temperature.


Die-formed graph oil with braided graphite yarn with corrosion inhibitor is standard materials, other special materials are also available optionally.


Gland has two-piece construction for easy alignment.


Gate valves are generally supplied with Hand Wheel operator, having "Open" & "Close" identification. Gear Operator, Electric Motor Actuator or Cylinder Actuator for remote operation are available on request.


Minimum 125RMS surface finish, cylindricity and vertically precission controlled according to Alphacon design and manufactured standards.